The Top 5 Attitudes Of A Great Hire

Kelly White

How do you ensure that the people you hire are great?

The first step to making a great hire is to use a consistent and systematic process. This helps you determine and assess a candidate’s skills and abilities. While this is a critical part of the process, there is an art and science to making a great hire.

The science involves using a process to gather data on someone in a variety of situations and comparing it to what you want that person to do in the role and in the organization. The art of making a great hire is uncovering what the candidate doesn’t say. In this case, we call this looking for the ideal attitude(s).

There are 5 key attitudes that make a great hire:

  1. Tenacity

  2. Commitment

  3. Team Player

  4. Work Ethic

  5. Learning Based

How can you tell if someone has the right attitude?

The key is to ask questions to get more information (science) and make observations about behavior that illustrates that attitude (art).

Some questions you might ask to identify one of the five key attitudes:

  • Tell me about a time you encountered a challenge and didn’t give up. What did you do?

  • Why do you think commitment is important? Give me an example of a time you were committed.

  • Tell me about a goal that required collaboration. What did you do?

  • Describe a time you demonstrated self-discipline.

  • Tell me about the last book you read. Why was it important to you?

Spending time asking pointed questions and looking for specific characteristics is an important skill to learn if you want to hire great people.

The art of asking great questions is an invaluable skill that can help you personally and professionally. You will discover that people are like puzzles, and questions help you gain insights into who they are and what motivates them.

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