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If you’re expanding operations and looking for new talent, or if you have what it takes and want to be part of a changing and growing company, let us help you find a match that will change your life.

We wrote the history book on the Residential Real Estate Brokerage Industry and never before has the industry been in more need for qualified, skilled, hardworking and dedicated talent.

The T3 Talent approach to executive recruiting has two core principles



At T3 we start by getting to know you well before we together determine the best fit to fulfill your needs. Each search is customized around the client.



The T3 process follows an in-depth discovery interview with every candidate/company and bring you only those who we believe meet your needs. 

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Looking for Top Talent

"One exceptional candidate is better than a handful of good candidates."

T3 Talent connects Companies with the best talent available

There are great candidates out there – you might just not be aware of who they are. We exclusively serve the residential real estate brokerage industry and have over the past 20 years analyzed and published more reports than anyone else about our industry – including the Swanepoel Trends Report, DANGER Report, SP200, Mega 1000, the Real Estate Almanac and others.

We know our industry like no-one else.

Let us take our unwavering commitment to the residential real estate industry and help you find the executive talent that meets your organizational needs and goals. 

Reach out so we can see how best T3 Talent can help you today.

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"Great companies hire motivated people, and then inspire them."

Take your Talent to new levels!

No two leaders are alike, neither are the roles and opportunities they are looking to fill. With T3 Talent, we develop individualized mentorship programs to help successful leaders become more effective at recruiting and hiring.

If you have what it takes and want to be part of a changing and growing company let us help you find the job that will change your life.

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