How To Avoid The Top 5 Red Flags When Hiring

Kelly White

How do you know when you are interviewing someone that they are not just putting on a facade? There is an art and science to being able to determine if a candidate is just good at interviewing or if they are a great fit.

The art involves asking great questions and then listening intently, picking up on cues and clues from the candidate. The science involves using a consistent process in order to gather data and then matching it to what you want in the ideal candidate for the role. 

When interviewing, it is important not to fall in love with the candidate. For most of us, it is much easier to spot the ideal attitudes or how someone is great and miss what could be a red flag. A red flag is a place to stop and notice if the candidate has said anything that would cause you to doubt if they are a good fit for the role.

There are 5 red flags to avoid when you are hiring:

  1. Negative

  2. Victim

  3. Lone Ranger

  4. Inflexible

  5. Immature

At times, we all demonstrate negative attitudes, but in the hiring process, you are trying to discover if a candidate’s primary attitude is negative.

Some examples of possible warning signs:

  • They think the worst is going to happen, and it usually does.

  • They think everyone is critical of them.

  • They blame others for what happens to them.

  • They don’t take personal responsibility for their actions.

  • They don’t want or need help.

  • They resist change and have an inflexible pattern of relating.

  • They are impulsive and seek instant gratification.

Spending time asking pointed questions and looking for specific characteristics as you go through the interview process is critical if you want to avoid red flags when hiring. One of the side benefits as you learn to identify attitudes in people is you will be able to surround yourself with the best people in all areas of your life.

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