Six Tools For Video Interview Success

Kelly White

With video technology continuing to play a significant role in our lives, understanding how to maximize video to have a successful interview has become more important. T3 Talent leverages video interviewing on a daily basis as both the interviewer and the interviewee. In this article, we share best practices on how to prepare for and conduct a video interview.

Recommended tools for conducting a professional, successful video interview:

  1. A computer/laptop or a smartphone with a camera. A desktop computer or laptop is optimal, but a smartphone will do in a pinch. Make sure the laptop or phone are set up in a place to that has a neutral, professional-looking, non-cluttered background. A virtual background can be useful if high quality and not blurry.

  2. A second computer monitor. Having a second monitor ensures the ability to conduct the video on one monitor while typing notes on the other.

  3. A fast, reliable internet connection. Participation in an effective video interview requires a stable internet connection on both sides. Testing your connection for bandwidth can be helpful so that in the middle of the interview, the connection doesn’t freeze.

  4. A good headset for audio, preferably wireless and noise-canceling. Again, nothing interrupts the flow of a great interview like intermittent or poor audio. We use the Stage XPD1 by Samson.

  5. An easy-to-use online tool for web conferencing. We currently use Zoom, which offers video, audio, screen sharing and collaboration. Other options include GoToMeetingJoinMeGoogle Meet, and Skype. There are a number of options out there, some even free. Research and test out a couple of them to see which is the easiest and most comfortable to use.

  6. Proper lighting. Set up lighting that’s bright but not glaring and illuminates from the front, avoiding backlight which can make the image blurry. Natural light is best. However, artificial light can be utilized to make your image crisp and clear. We recommend the Neewer Ring Light Kit.

Once the video interview tools are in place, test them thoroughly. A few days before the interview, do a practice run with a friend or family member to make sure the equipment is working correctly. This will ensure that adjustments can be made to anything that may not be working properly.

Even if you’re a tech-savvy person, it’s important to prepare thoroughly. Having and practicing with the right tools is the first step in conducting a professional and productive video interview.

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